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Reading Tarot Cards

Tarot Readings have been used for hundreds of years as an oracle to see the potential future or for insights into your hopes and dreams. A good tarot reader will use the cards as a tool for his or her clairvoyance. When the cards are drawn they are influenced by the condition of the time so will reflect your current situation. The psychologist Carl Jung called this ‘synchronicity’. What is reflected in the cards can be interoperated by a good reader to give you an insight into your past present and potential future. Whether asking about love, career, work, family or what to do the cards can give startling insights to help guide you forward. More about Tarot Cards

Live Tarot Reading by Phone 09058 011 010

Tarot Cards - spead of cards.It’s easy to get a reading right now when you need it most! The live number connects you to the next available tarot reader or psychic. You can have a pure psychic or tarot card reading and ask your burning questions. You will find that the readers are sympathetic, discrete and of course insightful. They will use their clairvoyant insights and the information given from the cards to help you to see the bigger picture and the path ahead.

You will enjoy talking to some of the best tarot readers and psychics on the web who will help you gain insight into your situation and emotional needs. Keep a note of our number as you will definitely want to use our services again. The cost of the call is £1.53 per minute and is added to your phone bill. More about Live Readers

Book a Reader - 0800 472 5010

If you want to give us a try but are not sure which psychic or tarot reader is most suitable for your needs today then call the number above and book by credit card. You can do this to have a reading immediately or you can book a reader in advance.

If you know their pin number then we can arrange for you to talk to the appropriate reader. But if you are not sure, simply ask the friendly operator who can advise you which reader is best for you. As well as tarot readers we also have psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and astrologers o the team.

If the reader you need is not online we can arrange for them to call you at a time that is convenient to you.

Calling from overseas? The international number to call to book is: +44 (0) 208 957 8321

Free Tarot Demonstrations

Of course there is no such thing as a free tarot reading by phone with a professional psychic. They, like you, have to pay their bills. However we do offer a free online tarot reading service for people who struggle to pay. This takes place in our chat rooms where you can meet well known mediums, psychics and tarot readers.

There are regular demonstrations and although the paying members get priority for the readings (£25 per year for this) we also give readings for free to a few visitors each week. To participate we ask you to sign up for our newsletter where we announce the next evening of clairvoyance and will send you the times and the URL for the event.

Our newsletter is also a good read too – and we NEVER give your email details to third parties. More info and sign up for newsletter